One of the best kept secret scandals that rocked Victorian British aristocracy. Proud, elegant and curious, our very own Lady Charlotte Louisa Fitzrovia, elopes with a suave and sophisticated street boss for Mumbai’s then notorious district, Lokhandwala. Her father, the fourth earl of Rockbourne and the current governor of colonial India, outraged by the disgrace Lady Charlotte had brought upon the family, immediately outcasts her.Disregarding her father’s disdain, her heart stolen completely, Lady Charlotte sets up her life’s dream in Mumbai, a tea room, gardens, hot house and a lounge for her love, Vijay. A magical summer of love and promise of marriage, Lady Charlotte plans a happy life away from imperial British society.


Like the fabled Miss Haversham, she awaits the return of Vijay, following his leave late in the fateful summer day, only to face years of delusive hope and disappointment. Vijay, as it transpires, was a scoundrel out to serve his own means, at the emotional expense of a young and beautiful British aristocrat. The scandal goes deeper, when Lady Charlotte’s younger brother, Tarquer, uses his father’s name and connections to import Indian produced opium, to British shores. 93 Charlotte Street is rumoured to be Lady Charlotte’s ‘British house of exile’, until her dying day. Lokhandwala is a sympathetic homage, to Lady Charlotte and all those who have lived, loved and lost.